Course Title:Commercial Reciprocating & Scroll Compressor Chiller/Rooftop/Self-Contained Unit Maintenance and Operation Course

Sponsoring Organization:McQuay International

Date:Sept. 15-19

Location:Staunton, Va.

Course Description:This program is structured to provide basic classroom instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises designed to familiarize the student with the product features, installation requirements, and service procedures for McQuay commercial reciprocating and scroll compressor products. In the training shop, each student will work with selected operating reciprocating product simulators. The emphasis of this hands-on training will be to enhance the technicians’ knowledge of good service and electrical troubleshooting practices. Chiller Control training includes the Microtech microprocessor control system, the Metasys chiller control system and the Microtech Ii® control

Course Title:Supermarket Seminar

Sponsoring Organization:Parker Hannifin Corp., Sporlan Div.

Date:Sept. 30

Location:Pittsburgh, Pa.

Course Description:The one-day supermarket refrigeration seminar covers current system design and theory of operation, future trends in system design, component application and operation, and system troubleshooting. The latest version of the class discusses guidelines for refrigerant conversions, methods for reducing energy consumption, emerging technologies such as carbon dioxide systems, electric step motors applied on expansion valves, suction regulating valves, and electronic controllers. For more information on this class, please e-mail

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Publication date:08/11/2008