COURSE TITLE:Basic Business Boot Camp


DATE:Dec. 9-11


COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course involves intense business training for contractors. Topics covered include labor pricing, cash flow, cash flow budgeting, collections, what to track monthly, and how to track it. Attendees will also learn how to design, price, and market service agreements, as well as receive tax tips and strategies. Each contractor will “model” their company (by department) on our industry-recognized software program called “Labor Pricing for a Profit with Cash Flow Projections.” The software will develop profitable labor pricing, cash flow budgets, and residential/commercial service agreement

COURSE TITLE:HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting


DATE:Dec. 15

LOCATION:La Crosse, Wis.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course will broaden a tech’s capabilities to troubleshoot controls and other electrical circuits in commercial HVAC equipment by teaching an understanding of practical electrical theory as applied to the products and components found in HVAC. Information and skills learned should help in decreasing the diagnosis time of single- and three-phase air conditioning and heating products. This course makes extensive use of lab hands-on

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Publication date:11/10/2008