COURSE TITLE:Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation - Level I

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI)

DATE:Nov. 2-4

LOCATION:Vancouver, B.C., Canada

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course is based on the National Building Code and the CSA F-3266 Standard Residential Mechanical Ventilation Requirements. The technical manual deals with all aspects of residential mechanical ventilation. It includes installation and commissioning of all types of mechanical ventilation systems with or without recovery, as well as house-as-a-system principles. The course covers the R-2000 Standard (2001 edition) as well as basic ventilation system

COURSE TITLE:Service Dispatch University

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Business Development Resources Inc.

DATE:Nov. 3-5


COURSE DESCRIPTION:The hands-on workshop will give dispatchers the proper tools they need to be successful at their job and to take their dispatching skills to the next level. Topics include time-saving dispatch and scheduling techniques; methods for managing pending work and tracking service department performance; strategies for maintenance agreements, scripting guidelines, etc. Each attending company will receive a 48 by 60-inch laminated color map of its service

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Publication date:10/11/2010