COURSE TITLE:Modern Hydronics Advanced Seminar


DATE:Dec. 13-15

LOCATION:Morton Grove, Ill.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The class teaches students how to discuss the advantages of properly designed hydronic systems, use the Bell & Gossett Syzer to design more complicated systems, recognize when standard design techniques may lead to poor design decisions, discuss the differences between conventional design and conversion applications, and apply the basics of primary-secondary pumping to simple zones systems. Topics include centrifugal pumps and pump curves; intermediate hydronic systems design topics; the Bell & Gossett System Syzer; pump selection for intermediate sized systems, using ESP Plus; introduction to cooling tower pumping; special problems in hydronic design, such as converting a gravity flow system to forced circulation; converting a low-pressure steam system to forced circulation.

COURSE TITLE:HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting-Factory Training

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Trane Technical Training Center

DATE:Dec. 13-17

LOCATION:La Crosse, Wis.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is intended to improve a technician’s ability and confidence when electrically troubleshooting commercial equipment. It will broaden the technician’s capabilities to troubleshoot controls and other electrical circuits. Some of the areas covered are reading complex wiring diagrams; safeties and component operation in Trane equipment; the principal maintenance requirements for longer operating life of electrical components; and a systematic, efficient method for electrical troubleshooting, which can be applied to all major HVAC products. This course makes extensive use of lab hands-on

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Publication date:11/22/2010