The YESAIR and YES Plus LGA instruments are portable, multichannel monitors featuring 30 different internal plug-and-play sensors to select from and a remote particulate sensor that simultaneously monitors. The plug-and-play sensor options include electrochemical (CO, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, ammonia, chlorine dioxide, formaldehyde, arsine, fluorine, hydrazine, phosphine, silane, and many more), catalytic (combustible gases), infrared (CO2 or combustible gases), and PID (TVOC). Users can set one alarm level for each gas to activate the internal audible alarm. Both instruments have a built-in SD flash card for data logging and an internal sample pump for “active sampling.” The LCD display on both indicates each sensor type installed, measured values for each gas, battery status, etc. YESAIR is CE certified and has a seven-sensor capacity with up to five internal plug-and-play sensors, a fixed temperature sensor, and a fixed rh sensor. The YES Plus LGA features four tactile push-buttons for easy use and a 15-sensor capacity with up to 12 internal plug-and-play sensors, a fixed temperature sensor, an rh sensor, and a remote sensor.

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