indoor air quality monitoring systemSelf-contained, the YES IMS is an IAQ monitoring system with 10-channel sensor capacity including a relative humidity sensor, temperature sensor, up to seven additional gas sensors, and a remote gas sensor. The unit has an integrated 2GB logging memory that will store over a year’s worth of readings when logging once per minute. Data is saved in Microsoft® Excel-friendly CSV format and can be extracted from the unit with a standard USB connection. Users can analyze and graph data using the optional data-logging software available from the manufacturer. Options include a fixed-wall mount or a portable desktop version with a wide range of sensors to choose from, including particulates, electrochemical, semi-conductor, infrared, and PID. The fixed-wall mount version can be permanently wired with 24 vac or dc, and has one relay output for alarm signaling as well as built-in data logging. The portable desktop version comes with a 6V power adapter for 24/7 continuous monitoring and logging.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

eProduct 186