Company: Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

Product: cGas Detector Line

Description: This product line is designed for continuous gas monitoring in multiple application settings. It monitors CO, NO2, and combustible gases in car parks, vehicle repair shops, bus barns, and fire halls; O2 in hospitals; H2S in wastewater treatment plants; Cl2, O3, and NH3 in recreational facilities; refrigerants in chiller rooms or in hotel rooms with VRF/VRV systems; compressed CO2 in storage rooms; or space CO2 in greenhouses or other occupied spaces, such as schools, retirement homes, and theatres where integrated demand controlled ventilation (DCV) is used for air quality and energy savings. This product line has pre-calibrated sensors with plug-and-play smart sensor technology. It offers one- or two-channel operation and analog or digital output with BACnet® or Modbus® communication output options.

Contact: 877-940-8741;; eProduct 187

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