IAQ monitorAn rh and temperature sensor shroud has been added to the YesAir IAQ monitor. The monitor is a CE-certified air quality monitor with an eight-channel sensor capacity. It contains a fixed temperature and rh sensor and can handle up to five additional internal plug-and-play sensors consisting of a maximum of three electrochemical toxic gas or oxygen sensors and two high-current draw sensors such as an infrared PID or catalytic, and a remote particulate sensor such as the YesDust. With the incorporation of the new rh and temperature sensor shroud, the sensors are protected from everyday ruggedness and respond quicker to changes in rh and temperature, says the company. The new shroud is flexible and resilient to forces of pull, push, twists, and flex. It absorbs immediate contact and prevents the sensors from encountering any sharp bends. The twisted design of the shroud exposes the sensors to direct air, allowing for a more rapid response. With more than 30 sensors to choose from and only three tactile push buttons, YesAir has highly functional capabilities yet is simple to use.

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