The Total Authority Valve™ is a pressure-independent dynamic balancing valve for commercial HVAC systems. It was designed especially for multicircuit HVAC systems that typically include multiple fan coils, radiators, and heat pumps. It can also be used in limiting the flow to individual heat exchangers or domestic water tanks. The valve keeps the flow rate constant regardless of fluctuations in pressure or temperature, and instantly compensates for pressure fluctuations caused by other valves in the system opening or closing. It also helps maintain a constant temperature so that the entire system works at optimum efficiency. The valve is externally adjustable, so the desired maximum flow rate can be easily changed while the system is operating. Features include 51 distinct flow rate settings per valve size and control range; double union end connection with a wide selection of end fittings, or double flange connection for ease of installation; and tamperproof - the adjustment control is operated by means of a special key.

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