The OptimumMVM™, a web-based measurement, verification, and management service advances the processes for day-to-day management of commercial HVAC systems. Also, it enables persistent energy reductions in systems optimized with OptimumHVAC, a networked software solution that utilizes patented relational-control technologies to reduce energy consumption in commercial HVAC systems. OptimumMVM provides continuous operating data and analysis tools to measure system performance, and quickly detect, diagnose, and repair system faults that are caused by changes and malfunctions in mechanical and control systems. By displaying efficiency and operating data graphically, it is possible to see exactly how the HVAC system is performing at any point in time. Features include alarms that provide an early alert system for declining energy performance, and the ability to analyze point-specific trend data and correlate the performance of multiple pieces of equipment. The service also tracks energy and carbon emissions savings, helping to satisfy reporting requirements for incentives such as utility rebates, or green building certification programs such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®).

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