The Quick & Easy™ commercial building register system is designed for office situations where heating and cooling airflows exceed the needs of a workspace. Occupants can use this technology to reduce the amount of airflow, improve comfort, and save heating and cooling energy. This also eliminates the wasted energy associated with using supplemental under-the-desk heaters during summer cooling seasons or desk fans during winter heating seasons, said the company. Airflow is continuously adjustable from 0 to 225 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and is omnidirectional along the ceiling to eliminate direct drafts of air in the workspace. Airflow noise is extremely low even at restricted airflow rates. According to the manufacturer, exit velocities and air throw distances are greatly improved by the unique air valve design employed in the product. Models from low-cost mechanical units that are adjusted with a simple suction cup and extension pole, to wallswitch-controlled units, local temperature-controlled units, and wirelessly controlled units are available. The product is compatible with metal and flexible duct and supports traditional and complementary zoning techniques. International versions are also available.

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