Automated Ceiling Registers LLC’s new Commercial Quick & Easy™ Register System has been developed for drop-in installation into standard suspended ceiling grids. According to the company, it eliminates the need for separate in-line dampers, and allows occupants to easily control airflow from an individual register or from an array of registers designated as a controlled zone.

Manual versions are controlled using a suction cup mounted on an extension pole. Automated versions can be controlled by wireless key fobs, standard three-way wall switches or any devices that provide single-pole, double-throw contact closures. Airflow control is accomplished using an aerodynamic ABS air valve, which provides linear airflow control based on the displacement of a round central ABS damper. A higher exit velocity and an improved throw provide ventilation efficiency improvements while maintaining very low room noise levels. Airflow is directed along the ceiling to eliminate chilling downdrafts. The matte-finished air valve is mounted on a matte-finished, powder-coated, galvanized steel plate that can be painted or stained to blend with a wider variety of décors. This product addresses the supply aspect by eliminating the need to get up on a ladder and frequently adjust in-line dampers.

Automated Ceiling Registers, LLC