The Quick & Easyâ„¢ ceiling register can be installed in residential and light commercial buildings to control the volume and distribution of supply side air to the interior sections of the structure. It consists of an 8-inch round metal collar anchored to a 10-inch square flat metal plate, a round air valve assembly, two slide-on metal mounting rails, and a push-in metal trim ring. The air valve assembly is designed to slide inside the round collar and lock into a special groove for an airtight seal. Both manually operated and motorized air valves are available. According to the company, the ceiling register requires no register box or boot; needs no special alignment during installation; and provides a round, sealed, insulated, nonturbulent, and easily controlled air passage from the supply duct directly into the room interior. The Quick & Easy register provides a 360-degree coverage pattern and can be easily adjusted for the desired airflow.

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