Daikin’s 4-port Multi-Split heat pump systems can be combined to serve two, three, or four rooms with a product selection of all wall mount units or all slim duct units or a mixture of both. This flexibility of selection of ducted or duct-free fan coils allows contractors to customize highly efficient systems to meet the individual demands of customers. The 4-port Multi-Split system can be utilized for 112 tested, approved, and rated combinations. The units feature inverter technology delivering precise temperature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. Advantages to this system include that it operates at the required capacity; start- up time is reduced; cycling operation of the compressor is avoided; and the system minimizes temperature fluctuations.

Instead of large duct work, Daikin’s systems are comprised of small outdoor units and a connected pair of refrigerant lines. These lines slide into a small 3-inch opening through a wall or ceiling connecting to a wall-mounted or a slim-built indoor unit.

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