The Altherma heating-cooling and hot-water supply system is an air-to-water heat pump system. Most of the heat - 66 to 80 percent - generated by the unit is from the air. Through its thermodynamic cycle, the heat pump pumps heat from the outside air, even at a temperature of -4°F, and uses it through a water distribution system in the home. It consists of two main components - outdoor unit and hydrobox - combined with optional accessories, such as a water tank and solar thermal kit. Two versions are available: a split-type system (the hydrobox is installed inside the house connected through refrigerant piping to the outdoor unit) and a monobloc-type system (where the hydrobox resides in the outdoor unit, eliminating the need for refrigerant piping connection). The Altherma features an automatic control system that adjusts the system’s operation to varying ambient conditions. It has an automatic restart feature in the event of a power interruption and is equipped with a backup heater that can be used for supplemental heating during extremely cold outdoor temperatures or as a backup to the outdoor unit.

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