The VRV®-WIII is a compact water-cooled condensing unit designed to provide energy and cost savings as well as the ability to operate in geothermal and cooling tower/boiler combination applications. When used in geothermal applications, the relative stability of groundwater temperatures results in optimum system efficiency regardless of outdoor temperature. The condensing unit is an energy-saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment that can serve any size commercial application. It is available in six system capacities ranging from 6 to 21 tons and provides a very strong modular solution for large commercial applications. According to the manufacturer, when applying the VRV-WIII in geothermal configuration, there is no need for an optional PCB, saving on start-up costs and installation time. The new model improves switching from cooling to heating without system interruption, as well as full-load energy-efficiency performance. The standard entering water temperature from 59 to 113°F in both heating and cooling is possible for continuous operation, and 50°F is possible for intermittent operation.

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