The improved VRV®III-S is the next generation of energy-saving residential and light commercial heating and cooling equipment. The new heat pump systems are available in 3- and 4-ton capacities, which can connect to up to six and eight individually controlled fan coil units, respectively. It provides a one-phase power supply VRV solution. The VRVIII-S may be used as a complement to the other three-phase VRV product line to serve dedicated zones or applications where 208-230V, one-phase power is inevitable. The VRVIII-S system’s built-in intelligence provides precise temperature control in every room or zone, maximum flexibility, energy savings, and quiet operation. The newest G-Type inverter compressor and superior heat exchanger technology have been included in the unit. Outdoor unit fan efficiency is maximized by the incorporation of a dc fan motor, which results in improvements in performance, particularly at lower speeds. The Super Wiring system allows shared use of the wiring between indoor and outdoor units and the centralized remote control. The nonpolarity of the system prevents incorrect connection and reduces installation time. The VRVIII-S is compatible with the company’s complete suite of advanced air conditioning monitoring and control systems (Navigation Controller, Intelligent Touch Controller, I-Manager III, BACnet®, and LonWorks gateways).

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