The Round Flow cassette (3 by 3 feet) fan coil units (Model FXFQ-PVE) are designed to provide 360-degree airflow and reduce drafts, temperature fluctuations, and air velocity. The fan coil units can be combined with the VRVIII-S, VRVIII, and VRV-WIII variable refrigerant volume equipment. The unit will be available in seven different capacity sizes ranging from 9,000-48,000 Btuh. The design of the ceiling cassette features a new drain pan structure and discharge grille style. The unit features a hollow, serrated design turbo fan combined with a high-efficiency fan motor to improve performance and reduce sound levels to as low as 27 dBa. The drain pan is coated with an antibacterial agent containing silver ions, which restricts growth of slime, mold, and bacteria, and reduces any possible odor at the start of operation and drain pan clogging during the entire lifespan of the unit, the company states. The air filters also are treated with an antibacterial agent. MERV 8 and 13 disposable filters are also available.

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