SAWIN Mobile is a software and hardware application that allows the service and installation contractor to wirelessly transmit and receive service call information to the mobile service and installation fleet. It is deployed as a complement to the SAWIN Professional business software and is designed to accommodate demand service calls, planned maintenance calls, flat-rate calls, and installation calls. These calls are booked thru the SAWIN Professional service/dispatch system and then sent to the remote computers in the technicians’ trucks using a wireless Internet connection. The data is uploaded into the devices in real-time and give the remote technicians the customer contact information, call information, billing instructions, service history, equipment logs, parts required for the call, special instructions, directions (using a mapping link), and any other pertinent information regarding the service call or customer. The technician can put himself on duty, dispatch, arrive, and complete the call with the hours going to the costing of the call and/or the SAWIN Professional payroll module.

Service Automation Inc.