The system's mobile workflow software uses wireless communications technology and handheld computers to automate field service processes.
HARRISBURG, PA — Mechanical construction and service provider McClure Company has transformed its paper-based field service operation into a state-of-the-art system. Using FieldCentrix Enterprise software, McClure has automated its field service processes to eliminate paperwork and increase access to information.

McClure has been serving the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets since 1953. Headquartered in Harrisburg, the company handles a range of clients including manufacturing facilities, federal and state governments, health care facilities, and pharmaceutical plants.

“Our company mission is superior value through continuous improvement,” said Matt Dixon, State College service manager for McClure. “Every month, however, paperwork from the field buried the service department and delayed billing. Everything else in the office grounded to a halt until we could catch up at month end. We realized we needed leading-edge technology to dig out. FieldCentrix was the technology we wanted.

“With the paperwork eliminated and billing now an automated daily process, we have been able to invoice customers quickly and accurately. We've also been able to add 10 more technicians without hiring any more office personnel. We can handle anything in service now,” Dixon stated.

Based in Irvine, CA, FieldCentrix is a major wireless and Internet-based field service software provider. Its Enterprise software uses wireless communications, handheld computers, workflow software, and the Internet to automate the manual processes associated with field service operations. These include: communication between the field technician and the office, receipt of work assignments, completion of work orders, and making information ready for invoice and payroll.

A key benefit of the field automation system is increased access to information. FieldCentrix stores information in a database, called a knowledge base, which gives McClure instant electronic access to data on any service call, piece of equipment, or customer account — all from a web browser.

“The ability to answer customer inquiries on the spot has been invaluable,” said Dixon. “And the fact that information is electronic and is instantly available from any McClure workstation has dramatically increased the level of service we can provide our customers.”

For more information about the FieldCentrix Enterprise software, contact 888-552-0101; (website).

Publication date: 01/14/2002