In marketing, sometimes it pays to be lucky. And sometimes it pays big time to be lucky. Such was the case with Carrier Corp. who decided a few years ago to buy the adverstising that shows up behind the players and coaches of the Indianapolis Colts during post-game press conferences. Well, they hit a gold mine when coach Jim Mora had a now infamous rant about the team’s playoff positioning after a big loss.

Do you know how many times that clip gets shown on ESPN SportsCenter, Fox NFL Sunday, or any other sports show? Too many to count, especially this time of year where the playoffs are the hot topic of the sporting world. And every time it does the Carrier name gets broadcast to millions of American homes.

And not to mention getting shown on the Gargaro’s World blog, which has upwards of three readers.

And I am guessing that clip will be shown for the next 20 years. Like I said, sometimes it pays to be lucky.