The D-Fuser™ is a fabric-faced diffuser that can be installed in research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other critical environments. The diffuser is comprised of an environmentally friendly, 50-percent recycled polyester fabric face with an antimicrobial treatment; an aluminum face frame; and a 2- by 4-foot or 2- by 2-foot, 22-gauge steel, powder-coated backpan that fits all standard suspended ceiling T-bar grids. A trim kit is available for finished ceiling retrofits. Three models are available: Lami-Flow, a vertical dispersion through fabric porosity; Radial Flow, radial dispersion, fabric porosity, and venting; and Select Flow, fabric porosity and custom venting. The fabric face’s three-piece sewn construction allows for four-way, three-way, two-way, or one-way throws, which, according to the manufacturer, makes it an ideal choice not only for new construction, but also for retrofits and labs with constantly changing configurations and temperature requirements. The face-frame can be disengaged without tools, via six quarter-turn fasteners, for sanitizing or quick airflow direction changeouts.

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