The Designer Series™ fabric option is the HVAC industry’s first fashionable patterned fabric duct collection targeted for retail, hotel, and other commercial buildings where exposed ductwork is integral with the architectural and interior design, said the manufacturer. The series’ Coronado Collection contains four patterns: Galvanized, Cork, Harvest, and Conceal Camo. The Designer Series uses the manufacturer’s premium UL-approved polyester-blended fabric, the Sedona-Xm, that features a built-in anti-microbial treatment to minimize mold-, mildew-, and other bacterial-harboring concerns. The patterned fabric duct is offered in two air dispersal choices: Comfort Flow with fabric porosity and/or L-Vent orifices and the High Throw with SG diffuser for high-ceiling applications. The ductwork can be hung with any of the company’s three hanging systems including: suspension cable, H-Track, and the new 3 x 1 suspension system that displays perpetual duct inflation even during idle air handling periods.

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