The SG high-throw diffuser is designed for air-permeable fabric duct systems in high ceiling applications such as natatoriums, retail stores, office lobbies, and other commercial facilities. The SG2 and SG3 are 2- and 3-inch-diameter, high-tech diffusers that are sewn into laser-cut orifices of the company's antimicrobial fabric duct product, the Sedona-Xm. The series uses a specially blended flexible polymer composition that doesn't attract condensation and produces high-throw distances of over 100 feet, without increasing HVAC air distribution system static pressures. The SG2 and SG3 produces throws of 45 to 72 feet and 48 to 108 feet, respectively, at normal static pressures ranging from 0.25 to 1.25 inches wg operating static pressure. The SG diffuser is available in white or black and designed to match the suspension attachment components. The placement, pattern, and linear alignment is custom manufactured to each project's engineered specifications.

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