Fabric Duct Tensioning SystemThe SkeleCore™ in-duct cylindrical tensioning system has been expanded into a product line with the additions of the SkeleCore™ FTS (fabric tensioning system) and the SkeleCore™ IHS (internal hoop system). The line is compatible with all DuctSox textile air dispersion systems, the Adjustable Flow Device (AFD), personalization/imaging, and other accessories. The SkeleCore FTS allows installing contractors to quickly and easily field-adjust the textile tautness and roundness with just a turn of a wrench for wrinkle-free aesthetics. The FTS consists of cylindrical tensioning rings (CTR) attached circumferentially to the fabric via sewn-in clips at the inlet, end cap, and connections (for duct runs beyond 42 feet); fabric-supporting internal rings (IR) spaced every 6 feet; and SkeleCore’s ¾-inch-diameter, lightweight aluminum backbone tube, which can be wrenched to expand or contract CTRs laterally up to 5 inches for fabric tensioning. The FTS also features a new vertical suspension system consisting of direct hang cable drops hooking directly to the CTRs and IRs; the weight-bearing improvement expands SkeleCore sizes from 8-inch to now up to 60-inch diameters, available in 2-inch increments. The SkeleCore IHS is a lower-cost system of promoting an inflated textile duct appearance via factory-installed metal hoops. It is shipped in 20-foot sections. The 360-degree hoops are spaced 5 feet apart and attached to the fabric at the 4, 8, and 12-o’clock positions.

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