NEW YORK - Grainger plans to expand and enhance its operations throughout the tri-state area. As part of this multiyear expansion, the company will revamp its distribution network by opening new facilities, relocating others, and expanding some of its existing facilities.

“We’re doing exactly what our customers asked us to do,” said Mike Hade, vice president, regional branch services, Grainger. “Our customers told us they wanted more of the products they need to maintain, repair, and operate their facilities, positioned closer to them, and we listened.”

The company currently operates out of 23 locations throughout the tri-state area. It plans to increase its number of locations by about 25 percent once the expansion is complete. It also plans to increase its local workforce by approximately 10-20 percent and will increase the size of its distribution network in the tri-state area by about 40 percent to meet the needs of local customers.

Grainger’s local investments are part of the company’s market expansion initiative, a multiyear program designed to enhance Grainger’s presence in the top metropolitan markets across the United States. As part of this effort, changes are either underway or have been completed in 20 markets across the country. The company plans to invest between $50-$80 million in 2007.

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Publication date:06/11/2007