Some people love Johnny, while others end their day laughing with Jay. Myself? I have always been a Letterman guy. From “Will It Float?” to “Stupid Human Tricks,” my friend from Indiana always provides a chuckle.

With that in mind, I revisit a Top 10 list from Letterman that he broadcast a few years back. So from the home office in Troy, Mich., I give you the Top 10 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning.

10.Often abbreviated as A.C.

9.Invented by the same person who invented hair conditioner

8.When proposing, half of men give an air conditioner instead of a diamond ring.

7.Ancient Egyptians employed a form of primitive air conditioning called “wind.”

6.Dick Cheney conducts many financial misdeeds in air-conditioned rooms.

5.Without it, Miami would be a ghost town.

4.The European Union won’t accept Poland as a member until after all their air conditioners are Energy Star compliant.

3.Concept of variable setting introduced by Ed Low and Jim High.

2.That familiar hum? The compressor releasing deadly hydrogen sulfide.

1.20 percent of all air conditioning in the United States is used in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Have any you want to add to the list? Let me know and I will post them.