I love reality television. Check that, I love really bad reality television. I greatly enjoy when G-list celebrities attempt to lose weight, find love, or reclaim popularity, all while the cameras are rolling. I also think locking 10 strangers in a house and filming their every move is the best television idea since Steve Allen startedThe Tonight Show.

What is to stop the HVAC industry from getting in on the action? This thought hit me when I walked in on my wife watching some reality show documenting the trials and tribulations of cake decorators. I think it was called Ace of Cakes. If that job can get its own 30-minute show, then surely we should be able to find some love for the heating and cooling crew.

What we need to find is an entertaining, loud mouth, charismatic HVAC contractor who would like to have his life taped and shown to the country. I am kind of envisioning the HVAC industry finds a character like that guy onDogg the Bounty Hunter- minus the racism, of course.

Not a bad way to promote the industry. Do we have any volunteers or nominations? Any show name ideas? Let me know.

While I am a reality television guru, in the interest of full disclosure, I would not know Jon and Kate if they knocked on my front door and introduced themselves - and I would like to keep it that way. So let’s stay away from the creepy family angle.