I think it would be fair to say I was not the easiest student to deal with back in the day. I know, you are probably shocked.

I remember a sixth-grade religion class back at St. John Vianney Elementary School when the teacher asked me, “What was the last thing Jesus said during the Last Supper?”

A young Kyle Gargaro replied, “Everyone on this side of the table for the picture.”

So as you can see, I was a handful.

So that is why it is a bit ironic that I am heading up the 2009 Instructor of the Year competition sponsored byThe NEWSand the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). Not as ironic as me marrying a teacher, but I digress.

The goal is to recognize and reward the instructors who have dedicated their careers to enriching the lives of their students. The nomination process is open to anyone who has seen firsthand the work an instructor has done to better the industry.

Nominees should be from a vocational school, community college, apprenticeship, or adult education program. The list excludes manufacturer-distributor trainers and seminar speakers.

The deadline for entries is June 6, with the winners to be announced in November.

You can fill out a nomination form by visiting www.achrnews.com. Or if the information super highway scares you, be sure to fill out the form on page 21 of this issue.

Good luck.