While talking with contractors about the trials and tribulations of owning a business, the conversation inevitably gets turned to rising health care costs. Basically the cost of providing employees decent coverage is now higher than Keith Richards.

If the individuals who sit next to me on an airplane are any indication, Americans are getting fatter. And that of course means more illness, more trips to the doctor, and a higher cost to both the employee and the employer.

Couple that with the insurance companies getting more than their fair share of the pie, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not exactly going to be mistaken for an Olsen twin.

That is why I was excited when the smart, forward-thinking, brilliant owners ofThe NEWS(hey, they might be reading this) organized a health fair for all employees of our company.

Experts came in to test our body fat percentage and blood pressure, provide a free massage, and teach us how to make soy smoothies.

Now save for that last item - FYI: a soy smoothie tastes exactly like it sounds - it was a very popular Friday afternoon here at BNP Media.

Do you think this would be of interest to your employees? I assume nutritionists, masseuses, and the local workout gym representative would be more than willing to participate in such a health fair for the word-of-mouth opportunities alone.

Try it out. It could make for more fit and productive employees as well as lower health care costs.