COMPANY:Honeywell, Morristown, N.J.

INSTALLATION:Two natural gas boilers and a biomass boiler


CUSTOMER:City of Battle Creek, Mich.

OBJECTIVE:Audit the city’s current energy use and build a comprehensive energy-saving program.

DESCRIPTION:Honeywell has signed a $3.9 million contract with the City of Battle Creek, Mich., for an energy conservation program that will use a combination of renewable energy technology and infrastructure upgrades to reduce the city’s energy costs, improve its buildings, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

At the heart of the energy-saving program is a boiler that will be fueled each year by more than 22 tons of wood chips. Along with the biomass boiler, Honeywell will install two natural gas boilers to provide a second stage of heating during the coldest winter months.

The company will upgrade more than 55 traffic and pedestrian lights in the community as well, replacing outdated incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient, longer-lasting light emitting diodes (LEDs) that will deliver 85 percent energy savings.

“[Leveraging a renewable energy source] can have a significant economic driver as well if the right technology is selected.”
- Joe Puishys, president of Honeywell Building Solutions

Publication date:10/15/2007