COMPANY:American DG Energy Inc., Waltham, Mass.

INSTALLATION:On-Site Utility energy system


CUSTOMER:Penacook Place, Haverhill, Mass.

OBJECTIVE:Install a highly efficient energy system without the need to finance the project.

DESCRIPTION:American DG Energy Inc. installed an On-Site Utility system at Penacook Place, an independent not-for-profit nursing and rehabilitation facility in Haverhill, Mass. The combined heat and power system offers clean electricity, heat, hot water, and cooling. The energy is produced with a 75 kW On-Site Utility energy system, which Penacook did not need to buy or finance. The company estimates the facility will save $120,000 over the 15-year agreement and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 306 tons of CO2 gas each year. With its On-Site Utility, American DG Energy produces clean energy in the form of electricity and space heating at Penacook Place and sells it to Penacook at a price lower than the local energy utility. Penacook pays only for the energy they use and avoids all capital, installation, and operating costs. American DG Energy handles all service, maintenance, and repair.

“We could not have afforded this highly-efficient energy system without American DG Energy. Not needing to finance this project made it possible.”
- Julian Rich, president and CEO of Penacook Place

Publication date:11/17/2008