COMPANY:Telkonet Inc., Germantown, Md.

INSTALLATION:Telkonet SmartEnergy™ Energy Management System


CUSTOMER:Columbia Sussex Hotel Group, Crestview Hills, Ky.

OBJECTIVE:Maintain energy efficiency in occupied and unoccupied hotel rooms.

DESCRIPTION:Telkonet Inc. was contracted by the Columbia Sussex Hotel Group to install its energy management system in approximately 1,300 guestrooms in select Doubletree, Sheraton, and Westin hotels. These rooms have been equipped with the Telkonet SmartEnergy™ (TSE) in-room, occupancy-driven energy management system. According to TSE, it received the contract because the system is flexible, scalable, simple, and easily interfaces with all the various types of HVAC systems. The system helps reduce the cooling and heating of unoccupied guest rooms using occupancy sensors, along with thermostats or PTAC controllers. With its patented Recovery Time™ technology, it maintains energy-efficient room temperature when vacant, and when occupied, returns to the guest’s preferred temperature within a select number of minutes, set by property management.

“We are truly impressed with the versatility of Telkonet’s system and its ability to manage our diverse range of HVAC systems…”
- Scott Yung, Columbia Sussex project manager

Publication date:11/03/2008