COMPANY:Omni B.V., Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

INSTALLATION:Taco LoadMatch system


CUSTOMER:KPMG, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

OBJECTIVE:The HVAC application was to be quiet, meet precise indoor comfort conditions, be green, and consume as little energy as possible.

DESCRIPTION:A new office building housing some 200 accountants and tax advisors for KPMG, the global audit, tax, and advisory services firm, is up and running on the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. It’s being kept cool by an HVAC system that includes Taco’s LoadMatch single-pipe system. Considering the fact that tropical Curacao has one of the highest energy costs per kW in the world ($0.33 per kW), extremely high efficiency standards were set for the project. Having read about the Taco LoadMatch system, Omni’s engineers investigated using the unconventional single-pipe system that had been installed in over 200 buildings of all types to date. Selection of specific LoadMatch circulators - there are 13 total in the building - was based on the power supply parameters in Curacao - 400/3/50Hz.

“Due to flow volume and head, the Taco circulators needed to be slightly bigger than standard size. All pumps were selected from Taco. In practice, this worked out very well.”
- Henk Soeterboek, Omni B.V.’s engineering director

Publication date:09/15/2008