COMPANY:Omni B.V., Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

INSTALLATION:Taco LoadMatch® single-pipe distribution system and Daikin VAM heat recovery system


CUSTOMER:KPMG, Amstelveen, Netherlands

OBJECTIVE:To provide a highly efficient HVAC system that would save energy, operate quietly, and meet precise indoor comfort conditions.

DESCRIPTION:When KPMG approached Omni. B.V. for a new building to house 200 of its accountants and tax advisors on the island of Curacao, it asked for an innovative HVAC system to reduce energy use. The tropical island has some of the highest electricity rates in the world. The new three-story office building features a Taco-supplied LoadMatch® single-pipe distribution system that helps control humidity and reduce energy use. A recent energy usage analysis by KPMG revealed that the firm’s energy use is no more for the new, 30 percent larger building than it was for its previous, smaller building. The building’s total COP is ±3.1, and total building fresh air is ±14,000 m3/hr (8,400 cfm), of which 72 percent is recovered by a Daikin-supplied VAM heat recovery system. “This is a super comfortable building. Since system startup, the building has remained uniformly comfortable, and load shifting from one side of the building to the other side takes place without any occupant complaints,” said Henk Soeterberg, former engineering director, Omni B.V.

“This is a super comfortable building.”
- Henk Soeterberg, former engineering director, Omni B.V.

Publication date:03/28/2011