COMPANY:K&M Refrigeration, Blackfoot, Idaho

INSTALLATION:Solar Panels Plus (SPP), Chesapeake, Va.


CUSTOMER:Homestead Family Restaurant, Blackfoot, Idaho

OBJECTIVE:Install a solar water heating system

DESCRIPTION:The Homestead Family Restaurant was the first restaurant in Southeastern Idaho to install a solar water heating system. The system, installed by K&M Refrigeration, consists of five SPP-30 solar collectors, each with 30 evacuated tubes that function in almost any environment, including cold or freezing climates. The SPP-30 works well in environments where water temperatures up to or above 150°F are needed or in cold or cloudy climate conditions.

According to John Williams, COO of SPP, “The evacuated tube collectors utilize special optics and double-wall glass tubes that work similarly to a thermos bottle to prevent heat from escaping, therefore the energy is more concentrated and more efficiently harvested and used.”

Bill Dishman, owner of the Homestead Family Restaurant, estimated he is saving $500 a month in electricity in the nearly 5,000-square-foot establishment that seats 130. The restaurant currently has two water heaters, one solely for the dishwasher and the other for hand-washing, food preparation, and cleaning.

“The installation of the solar water heating system from SPP is one of many energy-saving initiatives at Homestead and we couldn’t be happier with the product.”
- Bill Dishman, owner of the Homestead Family Restaurant

Publication date:05/24/2010