LOMA LINDA, Calif. - When Loma Linda University officials decided to upgrade their HVAC systems, they looked for a provider that could help them meet California’s high standards for energy efficiency. They wanted more than to simply replace older, failing equipment - they wanted to:

• Be more environmentally responsible.

• Meet state regulations for green building.

• Create a high-performance, sustainable university campus.

• Partner with a quality company to install these enhancements.

Loma Linda operates two central plants. The plant serving the university hospital is all-electric, whereas the plant serving the university campus works with the power generation plant. Both plants required system upgrades.

Loma Linda and Goss Engineering, hired by Loma Linda, selected Trane’s contracting group to replace the older equipment and install energy efficient systems to meet the comfort demands of the university’s students and professors as well as optimize the environment of the university hospital, increasing comfort levels for staff and patients and helping improve patient outcome.

Trane will supply Loma Linda with two CenTraVac® centrifugal chillers and two absorption chillers. By replacing two smaller and older centrifugal chillers and two smaller and older absorption chillers, Trane will help increase the plant’s capacity by almost 1,500 tons of cooling capacity. Loma Linda also selected Trane to provide the installation of these chillers and upgrade the central plants. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2007.

“Over the past 10 years, Trane has been steadily increasing the contracting side of its business, and we pride ourselves on the delivery of quality projects,” said Doug Walker, account manager for Trane. “Loma Linda dealt directly with the manufacturer, so there’s a single point of accountability for ensuring that the system is not only designed and manufactured, but installed and maintained.”

Loma Linda University is a Seventh-day Adventist educational health-sciences institution offering more than 55 programs to 4,000 students. Trane has been providing maintenance services for Loma Linda for 19 years.

For more information, visit www.trane.com.

Publication date:03/12/2007