POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — To go green wirelessly and improve the efficiency of a high-performance air conditioning system, an episode of Lifetime Network's Designing Spaces home improvement show installed Goodman’s ComfortNet™ Communicating Control in a Florida home — giving the homeowners control of indoor temperature and humidity via a smartphone.

The episode, featuring green approaches to HVAC, first aired nationally on July 26 on Lifetime Television, and is posted online at www.designingspaces.tv/show_segment.php?id=1125.

Designing Spaces turned to the ComfortNet control to increase the performance and energy savings of a residential air conditioning system working in the hot Florida sun, while allowing a homeowner to set and monitor their system remotely. Temperatures, humidity levels, and scheduling can be set anywhere a smartphone, tablet, or computer can connect to the Internet.

To make programming easier, the ComfortNet control can ask homeowners questions like “What time do you wake up?” On-screen help guides homeowners to make the most efficient indoor comfort decisions. Some 40 alerts are built into the control, which notifies homeowners to call for service if any issues arise.

The Designing Spaces episode also demonstrates how a ComfortNet control automatically configures a high-efficiency air conditioning system. Technicians use four wires to connect ComfortNet to a compatible system, simplifying installation and setup.

“The ComfortNet Communicating System makes installing high-efficiency air conditioning and heating equipment easier and helps it perform at its maximum,” said Jim Fisher, product manager for ComfortNet. "When you get into high-efficiency systems, they frequently become more challenging to install. The ComfortNet control automatically configures the entire a/c and heating system, then perfects the installation so you end up with the most efficient setup."

For more information on the ComfortNet Communicating Control, visit www.goodmanmfg.com.

Publication date: 8/6/2012