LA VERNIA, Texas - PowerCold Corporation announced that it has developed new vertical and horizontal fan coil air handlers for use with HVAC applications in commercial buildings. These air handlers are manufactured using PowerCold's new proprietary PlexCoil™ design that incorporates DuPont's Caltrel® engineered polymeric materials.

The PlexCoil product represents a new and retrofit fan coil business developed to compete with the copper and aluminum fan coil market.

According to PowerCold, the new fan coil unit is easy to install and service, due to the company's proprietary "Quick Connect" feature. The modular design enables easy and efficient increases or decreases in system size, says the company. The plastic surfaces are inherently smoother than copper, which decreases the frictional effects of flowing fluids and reduces pressure loss, the company says, and the natural dampening characteristics minimize vibration and noise.

Robert Yoho, president of PowerCold ComfortAir Solutions, stated, "The world's first plastic fan coil represents one of the most significant advances in air conditioning technology in recent years. The inventive PlexCoil substitutes plastic for copper and aluminum, resulting in improvements in strength, design, and performance."

The lightweight PlexCoil can be used for liquid to air heat transfer. According to the company, wind tunnel tests have demonstrated superiority over conventional heat exchangers relative to air-side pressure losses, water flow rates, and heat transfer rates.

"PlexCoil is a true innovative breakthrough in an industry that has been using copper and aluminum coils forever. Our compliments to Dean Calton, president of PowerCold Products, for his major research and development of our plastic products program," commented Frank Simola, PowerCold CEO.

In May 2003, PowerCold Corporation executed a joint development agreement and a license agreement with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company for DuPont Caltrel Fluid Energy Transfer System Applications. In January 2003, PowerCold announced collaboration with DuPont to test new materials for air conditioning units. The two companies have been testing the use of new plastic heat exchangers in air conditioning systems in high humidity environments.

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Publication date: 01/05/2004