CARSON CITY, Nev. — US Global Aerospace Inc. has introduced a new line of Nanofilters™ for aircraft environmental control systems (ECS) and HVAC systems for hospitals and buildings. According to the company, the filters are designed to capture viruses as small as those responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and airborne pathogens such as anthrax.

In addition, the company announced that it will change its name to US Global Nanospace Inc. on or about July 24, 2003.

The core of the Nanofilter technology was initially developed by Y2 Ultra-Filter Inc. for NASA long-duration space flight applications to provide ultra-fine particulate matter air purification. US Global has integrated porous media into the design, which is then enveloped with an electronic field, says the company. The electronic field causes airborne particulate matter to move in a churning motion perpendicular to airflow direction without ionization, thus significantly enhancing the London/Van Der Waals force interaction. This results in an extra-efficient air filtration system that is designed to capture bacteria, viruses, smoke, dust, odorants, and other sub-micron sized particulate matter, the company says.

"Our new Nanofilter is designed to efficiently filter particulates down to the 0.05 micron level necessary for effective protection from chemical and biological contaminants," stated John Robinson, chairman and CEO of US Global Aerospace. "The common HEPA filters used in aircraft today do not provide the sub-micron filtration required to protect the public from recirculated SARS and many other airborne viruses. Our Nanofilter is designed to effectively and efficiently filter airborne viruses such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus, a common cause of pneumonia with a particulate size of 0.09 microns. The SARS virus is thought to be a member of the Coronavirus family, which range in size from 0.06 microns to 0.22 microns. Our Nanofilter is also designed to deliver a 35 percent reduction in energy consumption and a service life cycle cost one-half of HEPA filters."

US Global has the exclusive world rights for the Ultra-Filter technology for all aircraft applications worldwide. US Global also has non-exclusive rights for commercial applications in Hong Kong and China and is seeking to begin producing replacement HVAC filters for hospitals treating SARS cases there this summer.

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Publication date: 06/30/2003