TAMPA, FL — BBJ Environmental Technologies Inc. has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued BBJ Environmental Solutions a notice of allowance for issuance of a patent for its “Aqueous Cleaning Composition With Controlled pH” which the company markets as BBJ Power Coil Clean.

Bob Baker, chairman and CEO, stated, “This is a significant event in the company’s history. The patent examiner commented (in addition to other comments), ‘Specifically … applicant has provided data which shows that compositions falling within the scope of the invention provide unexpected and superior cleaning in comparison to those compositions falling outside the scope of the invention.’”

Baker added, “Over four years of research and development went into development of this product. Once development was finished, we wanted assurance that it performed at the highest level possible. We initiated a series of comprehensive studies to assure that Power Coil Clean met the stringent performance, safety, and environmental standards we had set for it. These studies were performed both in the BBJ laboratory and at the leading outside product testing laboratory in the U.S.

“The results of these studies are important because many building contamination incidents every year are caused by the use of harsh coil cleaning products that release toxic and irritating fumes. Users can have confidence that BBJ’s Power Coil Clean will not cause these problems.”

For more information, visit www.bbjenviro.com (website).

Publication date: 07/29/2002