DALLAS - Service Roundtable has announced that AirAdvice, a manufacturer of indoor air quality diagnostic instruments, will offer a five-part online training course for Service Roundtable's contractor members.

"Homeowners are more aware and concerned about air quality than ever before," said Matt Michel, CEO of Service Roundtable. "Contractors need to be well versed in this subject in order to address customer needs."

Michel added, "The AirAdvice approach is particularly appealing. It generates tangible results for homeowners as a result of their monitoring and, when applied properly, can facilitate higher margin equipment replacement sales."

The training course classes include: 1) The AirAdvice Approach to Indoor Air Quality; 2) How to Recommend Proper Filtration for Your Customer's Needs; 3) How to Solve Common Ventilation Problems in the Home and Office; 4) How to Fix Your Customer's Comfort Problems; and 5) Conversations With Customers About Healthy Indoor Air.

Each class is preceded by a Service Roundtable eLetter written by AirAdvice that discusses the issues. Following the eLetter, AirAdvice will conduct an interactive Webcast with questions and answers. The course will be offered in July and repeated in August. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. The course is free for Service Roundtable members.

For more information about AirAdvice, visit www.airadvice.com.

Service Roundtable is a private contractor group serving the plumbing and HVAC industries. For more information, visit www.serviceroundtable.com.

Publication date: 07/05/2004