Tom Merriott
Tom Merriott

Do your employees believe in your company? Your people can’t sell your company unless they do. This is especially true for your customer service personnel. Typically a customer service team is the least paid, the least trained, and the least respected team in the organization. And yet expected to be the focal point of all the company’s promotional activity and book every single call that comes in.

Billboards, truck wraps, equipment stickers, magnets, mailers, websites, uniforms, business cards — all designed to make your phones ring. How much money do you spend on all of that stuff? How much time went in to every one of those pieces? You are probably really proud of those marketing and other promotional efforts.

Now think again about the people you have answering the phone. Are they the best in your market? Are you happy with the way they treat your customers? How do you treat them? Are they educated about all the promotional offers you’ve put out there?

One of the keys to improving their performance is to get them to believe in your company. They should know that the people you hire are the best. They should know that you are an ethical company. They should know that your company is the best. That knowledge comes from belief. Tell them your company story. Why are you in business? What is your mission statement? What is your vision? Have you set up guidelines for them to follow that support your mission and vision? Is it easy for your people to believe in your company?

I could go on and on about this subject, but it would still boil down to your people being better at their jobs when they believe in you and your company. Get to work at making sure this fundamental piece of your business is in place. A team with this kind of mindset can do incredible things.