Julian Scadden
Julian Scadden

Most residential service contractors can relate to the need for hiring great employees. So when you find that great employee, you are ready to put them in uniform and let them start working their magic from day one.

What is not considered are the policies that you look at as commonplace, but may be new, differing from a new employee’s previous experience. For example, time sheets, pay periods, how to request time off, and more serious violations like parking in your dispatcher’s parking spot or using your “personal” restroom!

Nothing can ruin the honeymoon of great hires like expectations not being met. Lack of a proper onboarding process can leave them feeling like you don’t care about them now that they are hired, and leave you feeling like they are loose cannons. Onboarding is not just the paperwork, drug screening, and which bathroom to use.

happy team of employeesOnboarding is:

• The introduction of your policies, culture, teamwork, and social expectations.

• Focused on setting clear expectations and standards.

• The time to help new employees structure their goals and action plans.

Look at your current onboarding process and decide if each phase is proactive or reactive from pre-hire to new hire training to when they are on their own.

I once heard the saying that, “An employee’s best day is their interview”, because he says all the right things and has on his best attitude. I challenge you to look at your company the same way — is the interview your best day?