Savings Estimator is a PC-based software tool that estimates energy use and potential savings for new or existing commercial/institutional buildings. It produces a customized estimate based on building use, system type and efficiency, and energy cost input for over 230 U.S. cities and a variety of climates, says the company. Integrating demand control ventilation (DCV) and enthalpy economizing can produce estimated energy savings ranging from 20% to more than 50%, depending on building construction, climate, utility rates, and other factors, the company says. The software is being offered free to industry professionals to encourage use of DCV and enthalpy economizing in future hvac projects.

Honeywell International Inc., Home and Building Control, 1985 Douglas Dr., N., Golden Valley, MN 55422-3992; 800-345-6770, ext. 423; (e-mail); .com (website).

eProduct #80


This business-card-size CD-ROM details the GEHA water-source comfort system, a horizontal water-source heat pump that offers a range of capacities from 1¼2 to 5 tons. It is designed to offer field flexibility at the jobsite along with service accessibility, says the company. The CD illustrates and explains how the system works, lists its features and benefits, and describes typical applications.

The Trane Company, 3600 Pammel Creek Rd., La Crosse, WI 54601-7599; 608-787-3355 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #81


CAPS, Engineering Edition is a computer-aided product selection program, and more, says the company. It is a Windows-based elec-tronic catalog for the company’s entire product line of air-moving equip-ment, including fans and ventilators, centrifugal and vane axial fans, energy recovery ventilators, makeup air units, kitchen ventilation systems, dampers, and louvers. The menu-driven program provides product descriptions, application information, dimensional drawings, and detailed product performance. New is the ability to download CAD drawings for centrifugal products.

Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410; 715-359-6171; 715-355-2399 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #82


Right-Suite Commercial™ (RSC) is a commercial hvac design program that reduces system design time by automating load takeoffs, duct sizing, duct layout, and parts takeoff, says the company. The software provides ASHRAE-based 24-hr by 12-month loads and ASHRAE-based duct sizing. Designers can use a CAD file or work from a paper sketch. Using the company’s smart HVAC-Shapes™, the designer can quickly drag and drop a building floor plan, the company says.

Wrightsoft Corp., 394 Lowell St., Lexington, MA 02420; 800-225-8697; 781-861-2058 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #83


This CD-ROM features the company’s entire product line. Included are technical sheets and specifications on: the flow control products of Henry Valve (ammonia and halo-carbon); the compressor protective devices of AC&R Components; and the heat transfer products and pressure vessels from Chil-Con. Also provided are 14 Tech Tips and an 8-page corporate brochure. Four flow charts highlight the products in the firm’s refrigeration line. A list of sales offices and a fax form for obtaining additional information are also supplied.

Henry Technologies, Inc., 3215 North Ave., Melrose Park, IL 60160; 708-344-1100; 708-344-0026 (fax); www.henrytech .com (website).

eProduct #84


The company offers an accounts payable invoice-approval process for its Forefront® construction management software that allows a construction com-pany to route invoices electronically. The process streamlines workflow and helps the business work smarter and more efficiently by replacing a manual workflow task, says the company. After an invoice is entered, it can be routed to a user-defined sequence of reviewers, each of whom is notified automatically by e-mail. Each reviewer can add remarks and make changes to the coding entirely on screen; the final reviewer is authorized to confirm the invoice for payment.

Dexter+Chaney, 9700 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115; 800-875-1400 or 206-364-1400; 206-367-9613 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #85


The eMEG (electronic Mars Engineering Guide) is a specifying guide to properly selecting an air curtain with the necessary support documentation to specify, install, operate, and maintain the product, the company says. The guide provides a methodical selection process, beginning with the RMAPS (Request for Mars Application Product Selection) form which provides a simplified approach to air curtain selection based upon intended use and varying field conditions. A list of frequently asked questions is included. Engineering submittal drawings, installation and wiring diagrams, and operation, installation, and maintenance manuals offer a basic guide to the firm’s air curtains.

Mars Air Door, Division of Mars Air Systems, Inc., 14716 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248; 800-421-1266; 310-324-3030 (fax); (website).

eProduct #86


RFH WarmSource is an easy-to-use software package for radiant floor heating (RFH) design that includes improved navigational features and up-to-date product pricing, the company says. Offered on CD-ROM, the software contains all of the latest products from the company’s catalog. This information is displayed in a user-friendly format, making it simpler to develop a complete material list for RFH projects, says the company. In addition, project material lists developed in older versions can be viewed in Version 2.06 along with the latest pricing for each product.

REHAU Inc., P.O. Box 1706, Leesburg, VA 20177; 800-247-9445; 800-627-3428 (fax); (website). eProduct #87

Product Layout Program

This product layout program is said to save time in drafting industrial and large commercial refrigeration system drawings. The program is a collection of drawing blocks and AutoLISP routines that integrate with AutoCAD for Windows, Releases 12, 13, and 14. Designed with an easy-to-use dialog box interface, the software allows the user to quickly insert multiple orthographic views of the company’s valves into AutoCAD drawing layouts, says the company.

Hansen Technologies Corp., 6827 High Grove Blvd., Burr Ridge, IL 60521-7579; 800-325-1565 or 630-325-1565; 630-325-1572 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #88


Intelli-Station software is designed for use with the company’s Intelli-Fin™ boilers and water heaters. With this software, facility managers without building management systems can monitor multiple boilers or water heaters locally or remotely through a phone line, says the company. The software monitors approximately 80 data points and offers the ability to change up to 10 data points. Building managers can monitor the data points in a tabular spreadsheet or graphical format. The software can function as a diagnostic tool in either display format, the company says.

Lochinvar Corp., 2005 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210; 615-889-8900; 615-885-4403 (fax); (website).

eProduct #89


LogMate™ 5.0 Suite is a complete alarm management software solution, providing open alarm data storage, archiving, analysis, remote monitoring, and notification, the company says. It collects real-time data from virtually any logging device around a facility and makes it available in an open format to almost any client, including across the Internet, says the company. The software is designed to alleviate problems related to alarm management by providing a common interface to all control systems for monitoring, diagnosing, and reacting to alarm problems.

TiPS Inc., 2402 Williams Drive, Georgetown, TX 78628; 800-242-8477 or 512-863-3653; 512-863-5392 (fax); (e-mail); (website).

eProduct #90

Publication date: 11/26/2001