Natural Gas Report

  • According to a report by the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Energy Information Administration (EIA), high natural gas prices have brought a boom in drilling, and the expected prices for the coming years make the prospects for adding significant amounts of new gas supplies between now and 2005 “look promising.” However, the report says that increased supplies are not likely to bring prices down significantly in the next two years.

  • Wind Power

  • SeaWest WindPower Inc. (San Diego, CA) has announced that it is building a 50-megawatt wind power plant near Arlington, WY. PacifiCorp, which provides energy services to customers in six Western states, will buy all the power from the plant. Called the Rock River I wind project, it will produce enough electricity to power 27,000 average homes in the region. The facility is expected to be on-line in the fall.

  • More Fuel from Old Tires

  • Nathaniel Energy Corp. (Castle Rock, CO) announced that it has launched Phase I of a four-part expansion campaign at its Hutchins, TX, tire disposal site. The old tires are shredded and processed using patented methods and sold as a low-cost fuel to local municipalities and commercial customers.

  • Energy Websites

  • Solarbuzz ( includes information on solar energy applications, existing and developing technologies, a solar module price survey, a listing of worldwide solar manufacturers, and industry statistics.
  • Fuel Cell World ( is a site, sponsored by the World Fuel Cell Council, that includes details on how fuel cells work, their benefits, where they are used, and the status of technology development.
  • Publication date: 07/16/2001