Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “It’s All About the BAS” article, written by Joanna Turpin, published May 9, 2016, in The NEWS.


Loved the headline, and the article, of course, too!
I expect I’m not the only one who thinks it’s refreshing to see something so appropriately clever in the leading HVAC industry trade publication. I’m also hoping I’m not the only one who took the time to tell you. Keep up the great work!

Cookie Caloia
Commercial marketing manager
Carrier Commercial Systems, Carrier Corp.


I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your article about the future of the building automation industry. I thought it was a very smart piece that gave industry outsiders a quick look into what is to come for a little-known, high-growth market over the next several years. I also enjoyed how the article made a topic that can be complex at times accessible to everybody.

Scott Holstein
Digital marketing manager
Computrols Inc.

Editor’s Note: The following remarks were made regarding the “More Troubleshooting Tips for Spring Tuneups” and “The Value of Remembering the Basic Cycle” articles, published April 11, 2016, in The NEWS.


I’d like to say bravo on the articles found in the April 11 edition of The NEWS. These respective columns on the refrigeration cycle hit the mark, and the timing is perfect. I’m in the midst of a spring training blitz for contractors in the San Francisco bay area and I’m spending an hour-plus per class discussing the topics you both wrote about, informing the technicians it was time to “knock the rust off” and get back to basics. While an hour-plus doesn’t always provide the time necessary to do the job, it at least gets them thinking, as do your articles. It’s always nice when I have the opportunity to support my efforts by pointing to other resources (namely trade magazines) singing the same song.

Greg Sanchez
Residential support
Sigler Wholesale Distributors

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Publication date: 7/4/2016