The recent HARDI Focus Conference, Supply Chain Excellence in Phoenix is over, and speakers peppered attendees with sage advice on how to improve their logistics and supply chain operations.

If that’s your end of the business, you should have been there. If you couldn’t pencil it in, then plan for next year. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s late, and you might not get the discount at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, (but try Jackie Ingram at 901-529-4000). The Peabody is the site of the Strategic Leadership & Finance Focus Forum taking place April 9-11. This forum perfectly blends leadership with the financial side of the business. I would add that if you have someone in the wings who you’re grooming (or thinking about it), it might make sense to send them, too. The conference “is intended to provide top-level executives with a wealth of knowledge to help their companies excel in our industry,” according to HARDI. For a peek at the 11 speakers, visit

If you’re serious about the big picture, improving your leadership skills, or beginning the molding process for a younger member of your executive staff, this is the place to begin. Sign up here.

See you there.

Publication date: 4/3/2017