I’m not sure anyone knows conclusively, but I am convinced that you can explain what most of us believe are the characteristics of leadership and then try to infuse those elements into your personal improvement efforts.

That’s at least the partial plan of HARDI’s next focus forum, Strategic Leadership Conference, Oct. 2 to 4, Newport, Rhode Island. It’s NOT too late to register, just visit  www.hardinet.org/strategic-leadership or call 614-345-4328.  Rooms at the Marriott might be cut off, but there are still alternatives that you can find. I did.

It’s worth the effort because HARDI has provided an excellent team of speakers, to help improve yourself and others on your management team.

Here’s a brief sampling:

A Day in the Life of a Nerdy HARDI Official. Beth Ziesenis shows us how to become more efficient through digital tools. Save time, reduce stress.

How to Transform Profitability Through Improved Pricing. Improve your pricing and expect more profit. It’s the pricing, and Paul Hunt shows us how to do it.

Politics & Policy: Big Changes Could Have Big Consequences. Everyone’s got an opinion of what might happen politically. But Jon Melchi and Pam Krivda know OUR industry. A time to listen and ponder.

Fight the Under-Management Epidemic.  It appears that “90 percent of all headers and managers aren’t providing their direct reports with sufficient guidance, support and coaching.” Learn why and how to prevent it from listening to Bruce Tulgan.

The Questions I’d be Asking if I Were on Your Board. Everyone knows that HARDI’s CEO Talbot Gee is one smart guy.  See how his experience at that 10,000-foot level can have an impact on your business at the street level.