Yelp has earned its reputation as being one of the most prominent review websites on the Internet since 2004. Whether someone eats at a restaurant or gets service from an HVAC contractor, more and more frequently, consumers are turning toYelp.comto provide a review of their experiences in order to contribute to the communal pool of knowledge of which local businesses are best and which should be avoided. Other social media review networks are emerging, but do not have the samepopularity as Yelp.

Therefore, it is essential that the service is above average. When someone wants to learn more about a company, Yelp provides the information necessary to make a decision whether to do business with the company or not. Yelp is particularly helpful for those who may not know an area well. Many review sites including Yelp offer a customized mobile app, which helps the user to find the best companies in a particular area.

For companies that want to improve their presence on the Internet, it is ideal to have an encouraging Yelp profile, which offers an opportunity to receive more website traffic. A common misconception is that Yelp only caters to restaurants and hotels, but three quarters of the businesses listed in the network are for a wide range of companies including home services.

Improve Yelp Review

Business owners should focus primarily on customer satisfaction because if not, the result would be a negative review. The ideal way to get more positive reviews is to make sure that the customer has a positive experience. If someone writes a negative review online, it stays online for everyone to see, leaving room for business owners to respond and attempt to either defend their company or make a public apology.

Read the negative reviews and create ways of eliminating any similar issues. Encourage unhappy reviewers to pursue a resolution by providing contact information. Many reviewers are open to updating or retracting their reviews if offered a resolution.

Upon providing service, the business owner should encourage existing and potential customers to visit the Yelp profile and leave a review. This is a great way to spread the word about the business. People will usually listen and adhere to what their peers think. This is why online reviews are so important to the success of any business. Respond to favorable comments with appreciation and gratitude.

The Ideal Resource

Take advantage of Yelp by researching competitors, especially businesses with very high ratings and low ratings. Doing a comparison between the two and analyzing both profiles will offer a better understanding of what is required to gather positive reviews. Making comments on both positive and negative reviews using targeted keywords or phrases has the possibility of high search engine placement.

Making changes to a business profile, filling out the “About Your Business” page, uploading professional images and unlocking the business page are some essential actions that need to be taken for search engine optimization.

Some people do not rely on review sites because of the many false reviews, but it still serves a business well to get this done. Recent studies show that 62 percent of consumers do rely on online reviews and 70 percent of these individuals trust the endorsements made by other users.